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Gorgeous blue and turquoise waters await, not to mention love and commitment with a few bumps along the way. Our heroes and heroines are everyday people like you and me who do what they can to find love and happiness in this world. Not everything works the way we wish, but that doesn’t mean we can’t read happily-ever-after books that make even the darkest days fill your heart with hope.

I live on the east coast and spent my days writing even if it means I do it on an airplane.

I’ve got plenty of books within series for you to follow, starting with Newport Homecoming which is the first book in the Cliff Walk Memories Series. There is romance, intrigue, mystery and excitement with swoon-worthy characters and the Weston family of Newport, Rhode Island who have more than a few secrets in their closets!

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Newport Homecoming

Cliff Walk Memories Series ~ Book 1

When Iris Weston returns to her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island for her father’s funeral, she and her two sisters, Hannah and Tilly have to come to terms of his death.

Their father, R.J. Weston was a wild risk taker, and unlike his deceased wife, Caroline, he never met an challenge he didn’t work to overcome. Everyone thought R.J. Weston would live forever, and so, it came as a shock to not only his family, but the entire wealthy, Newport community when he died.

Iris, a jewelry maker living on a farm in Maine got as far away from Newport as she could. Money meant very little to her and she couldn’t relate to the rest of her family who worshipped it day and night.

Hannah Weston also escaped the confines of her proper old money lineage. Living in New York City as a struggling actress, she almost changed her stage name to cut ties from her past permanently. Instead, she kept the name because her agent convinced her it had the air of celebrity. Her small acting jobs barely paid the bills and soon, she’d have to make a decision about whether to continue pursuing her dream or start looking for what her father called, “A real job.”.

Tilly Weston is like her mother, Caroline Bosworth Weston who passed away when Tilly and her sisters were only teenagers, aligned with Newport’s social scene and the rich history of the seaside community.

When Hannah and Iris left Newport, Tilly stayed behind to run the family business, Cliff Walk Oceanside, and to take care of their father. The struggling to stay afloat resort had been in the Weston family since 1924, and it’s age showed. It would take all three sisters to work together to make the resort a success.

Old wounds, resentments and family secrets keep the sisters embattled and bitter. It will take a miracle to keep all three in Newport for good.

Faith in what you cannot see. Hope for love and happiness in the midst of grief, and Grace to recognize destiny when it comes knocking on your door is what Newport Homecoming is all about.

Find out what secrets the Weston family has been hiding and who holds the key to the answers in this first book in the Cliff Walk Memories Series.

Pick up Newport Homecoming – Book 1 today!